In-flight Entertainment app

iOS app for Alaska Airlines.


UX Architect


The client needed to offer their customers an In-Flight Entertainment app. They had little idea on how to proceed and how to identify what the app they needed should be.


I had just one week to come up with an engaging idea for an iOS app.
The client let me know that I was one of three UX Architects working on a concept for this app. I spent two days in full research mode, thinking what I would like to use in my next flight, and what my parents would like to use in their next flight.

When I presented my idea for an iPhone app, the client liked my proposal and asked us for an iPad version of the app.

iPhone app Image

Flow map

Note: For various reasons these are not annotated wireframes (I do much of the talking to sell my idea). Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about this project.

iPhone app Image


iPhone app Image

In the iPad version, there's a Hub that keeps track of the user interests.

This was not only about creating a nice app. I was thinking in business oportunities for Alaska Airlines. There's a "Destination Guide" that keeps track of the user, and offers a big spotlight for companies that want to reach tourists. The client liked this idea to engage not only with customers, but with potential partners.

iPhone app Image

This feature was also very well received. Alaska Airlines offers a set of movies for their customers to stream for free, or to rent a copy for 72 hours. Having that in mind, I noticed that we also knew two important facts: the duration of a film, and the remaining time of the flight.

I proposed a feature that lets the user know if the flight will arrive to destination before the movie ends. This way the user can be persuaded to rent the copy to finish the movie later.

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