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Engineering Excellence Events

Windows Phone app for an internal Microsoft group.


UX Architect


The client had an internal communication platform in which events (talks, training, workshops) for engineers were posted. However, engineers were not using the platform. The main reason was that the platform is a really old Sharepoint site. Users simply were not attracted to the dated look and complicated interface of that platform.


We come up with an app focused exclusively in the experience of events for engineers. Based on a calendar-news approach, the app presents the events in tiles, each one having a full internal system to consult schedule, sessions and speakers.

Flow map

Note: For various reasons these are not annotated wireframes (I do much of the talking to sell my idea). Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about this project.

Windows Phone app Image


Windows Phone app Image

The client was really happy with this control right here. (And this is why UX Portfolios are difficult, it's not about the wireframe, but about the solution. I'll try to explain it here, but feel free to reach out and let's talk a bit more about it).

One of the biggest problems with the Sharepoint site the client had, is that their Events system is complex to follow. They have Events that last from 1 to 7 days, each day has different sessions, and sessions can exist in different "tracks" (read: locations, buildings).

We come up with this control that follows the next hierarchy:
(at Sessions screen) Divided by day, divided by tracks, toggle control to display sessions. An intuitive way for the user to find the closest session.

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