Corporate App Studio

2014 project: Surface app to promote CAS, an internal studio that develops solutions for Enterprise



UX Architect


CAS, an internal MS studio that had great achievements in its first fiscal year, had the need to come up with a Sales app to promote their group in order to meet their new goals for the next two fiscal years.


I started this project as a UX consultant, but then my responsabilities grew and ended up helping the Content Strategy team and had to lead the UI design too. I participated in meetings with stakeholders (located in Seattle) and UI designers (located in Argentina).
I led the solution, from concept to delivery, that defined the tone, identity and mood of the CAS app.

Flow Map

Note: This is not the annotated version of the wireframes. Feel free to reach out if you want to know more about this project.




One of CAS's strenghts is their knowledge of Windows UX guidelines; it's actually one of the main reasons why they kept winning new customers back in 2014.

I created a section called "Styleguide Lab", a space in which the client can play with customizable layouts that always fit with Windows UX guidelines. This helped identify CAS as the experts in everything related to Windows design.


The "Styleguide Lab" grew into an actual reference guide.

Teams started to use it as a go-to section to consult font combinations, usage of font sizes and different information regarding color schemes, grids and layouts.


At first, the Studio Lead wanted to have a small gallery to show every member of her team. The idea was to just show faces and names.

However, I created a special section (using Satya Nadella as an example) in which every member of the team had a spotlight, their unique screen with their background, interests, hobbies and previous Microsoft projects they were involved with. The Studio Lead liked the idea so much, that the very next week they had a professional photographer in site for a full-day photoshoot!

I like when small ideas grow and transform into something much bigger.

Juan F Mena

Juan F Mena

Senior Interaction Designer contracting @ Disney