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Product Design & Prototyping

Currently at Google.
I'm designing mobile tools for video creators at YouTube Shorts.
Check out my previous work at Disney and Globant:

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InApp Videos

Product designer

A feature in Disney World & Disneyland apps that serves as a channel to promote offers and reconnect with Guests after their vacation.

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Digital Key

Lead interaction designer

Digital Key enhances the Direct-to-Room experience of Guests staying at Disney Resorts. Unlocks the Guest's room & common area doors (ie. fitness centers, club level lounges).

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Conversational UI

Lead interaction designer

Special request to design and prototype a Conversational UI experience for the Disney World and Disneyland apps. Research and testing done with a prototype that handled text and voice input.

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Hi-Fi Prototyping Framework

Designer & Developer

Internal prototyping framework for Disney Parks & Resorts. Created on top of Framer back in 2016, based in CoffeeScript and JavaScript.

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Lottie for Framer

Open Source Module

I coded a port of AirBnb's Lottie framework into Framer. This module was heavily used at Disney in 2017~2018 to explore motion in prototypes (ie. Disney Play app).

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Innovation Lab

Design Strategist

Design Strategy at Globant. I led a remote team of designers across Colombia, Argentina, and US, focused on innovation and value proposition initiatives, and providing this service to selected partners.

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